Welcome to the NEW site for locating, selling, buying all brands of servo motors and drives. 

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This is a site under construction.  We are trying to figure out how to make it useful.  If you have ideas or want to help, just email us and let us know!

Old hard to find DC brush motors, newer brushless and AC servos.  This site’s intent is to help you locate needed parts – both old, obsolete, and new - or to sell your new or used surplus servo products.  So don’t throw those old servos away – send us your list and we will add it here.  If it sells, you owe us 20% of the selling price.  Not bad for stuff you probably were close to throwing out, huh?

Just email us at with your wish! 

If interested in selling, How to sell click here for details on how to list your products.

If buying, just email us with the part number you find on the list. Keep in mind that if you don't see exactly the right part no on the list, email us anyway - there is a good chance we have it!


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